Friday, March 8, 2013

Wedding Style :: The Dress

Classy. Elegant. Non-traditional. My wedding-style aesthetic could be described as any of those things but perhaps "unique" describes it the best. This also applies to wedding dresses, possibly the biggest decision a bride has to make when styling her own wedding. Your dress should complement & enhance your natural  beauty, reflect your sense of fashion and, most importantly, make you feel your absolute best, especially when all eyes are on you.

Basically, I like wedding dresses that don't actually look like wedding dresses. Isn't this jade gown the most beautiful color?

Ah, so elegant! (And you don't have to show a lot of skin. Unless you want to.)

I can already tell I'd love these two. You've got to be a fun gal to get married in a bright orange dress.

And here's a more "traditional" shaped gown, but in black!

And if you're wondering... yes, I would totally wear any of these at my own wedding. My favorite? It's close, but probably the jade. What a stunner.

top photo via greenweddingshoes

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